The arrival of a new baby is a wonderful reason to reach out to friends and loved ones with stylish stationery, but many new parents wonder what they are supposed to include on formal birth announcements. Don’t worry—the etiquette experts here at Tiny Prints are ready to help!

A birth announcement typically includes:

  • A short introduction, like “Erika has a new baby sister!” or “We welcome with love…”
  • The baby’s name. Including middle or full names is a matter of style, so simply select the length of name that suits the design you’ve selected.
  • The little details, including birth date, weight and length. Some parents add the time and place of birth as well.
  • Family members’ names. Begin with the parents’ names followed by any siblings.

Remember—you don’t have to be a poet to write a heartfelt birth announcement. Simply use the suggested verses in our personalization process, browse through our selection of sample verses or contact us for additional advice.

Do you have birth announcement advice to share? Leave a comment below!

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