Most people tend to think stationery etiquette is just about how the verse is laid out and the order in which you stack your enclosure cards, but there’s a lot more to the process than just that. In fact, formal stationery etiquette even extends into how you write each person’s name.

But don’t worry—not only do the etiquette experts at Tiny Prints review each card to ensure that everything looks flawless, they’ve also given you some basic guidelines to follow to help you double check that all of your stationery looks absolutely perfect. Here are the basics for formal cards and invitations:


Formal etiquette states that you should never use abbreviations, with the exception of non-professional titles like Mr., Mrs. or Jr. In addition, professional titles like Doctor and Professor should be spelled out, as shown below:

  • Correct: Doctor Tara Smith
  • Incorrect: Dr. Tara Smith


Furthermore, all middle names you choose to include should be spelled out completely:

  • Correct: Michael David Green
  • Incorrect: Michael D. Green

Ms. vs. Miss

Another important note is that the title “Ms.” is rarely used in formal stationery since it’s reserved more for business purposes. Use Miss or Mrs. instead.

Lastly, don’t forget that children over 18 years of age should receive their own cards or invitations!

These guidelines provide a basic outline of naming conventions, but if you’re looking for more information we encourage you to visit our Things to Know section or chat with a customer service representative online. We’ll be happy to help with all of your questions!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for posting! I had no idea Ms. was informal! I’ll be sure to keep these etiquette tips in mind!

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