We’ve been asking our Facebook fans and Twitter friends to answer a question that we’ve been kicking around the office for a few days.

How late is too late to send birth announcements?

Now, personally, I always worry when sending out photo birth announcements because babies change so much so fast. If you send out baby announcements with the birth photos, won’t the child look radically different by the time they’re delivered?

Photo Birth Announcements by Tiny Prints

Our Facebook fans think that anything from right after the birth all the way up to whenever you manage to get the birth announcements out is fine. Or as one astute fan puts it:

I got mine out really fast with my first, within a month. And the second about two and half months….so I think it takes longer as you have more 🙂 But really who doesn’t want to get a picture of an adorable child in the mail and then put it on their fridge??? If you are real late, send one out with a few pictures showing how they’ve changed since they were born. – Wendella Spitz Grisham

When do you think it’s too late to send out birth announcements? You tell us!

Birth Announcements by Tiny Prints

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