Whether you received a generous gift or someone did you a kind favor, it’s always important that you reciprocate their generosity with a sincere thank you card. But if you’re asking yourself, “When is it appropriate to send a letter of appreciation?” we’re here to offer a few words of advice.

Budding Beauty Thank You Card

When is it absolutely necessary to send a thank you card?

Thank you cards should always be sent right after receiving gifts. Special occasions such as birthdays, graduations or baby showers are all times when generous gifts will be given to you by friends and loved ones, so it’s a good idea to always have a stylish set of thank you cards on hand and ready to be filled out.

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Is there ever an instance when a thank you card is not required?

Of course! While a handwritten thank you card is always appreciated, it is not a necessity in all situations. For example, if you recently attended a dinner party that was hosted by a friend, a thank you card would certainly be a kind way to convey your gratitude, but it is an optional gesture. However, if you’re ever on the fence about whether or not you should send a thank you card, it’s always best just to send one anyway.

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How soon should thank you cards be sent out?

While there really isn’t an absolute answer to this question, a common rule of thumb is to send your thank you cards within a week of accepting a gift. But if this time frame isn’t feasible for you, just be sure to stuff, seal, stamp and stick that card into the mail as soon as you can. After all, it’s better late than never!

Grateful Moments Thank You Card

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  1. Rebecca Xavier says:

    Great suggestions. Thanks.


    I am beginning a new tradition in our home. This year, I am having my young daughters hand write thank you notes for their birthday gifts from relatives and friends. They are usually showered with gifts every year and I worry about how they might come to expect more and more. It is not only polite to thank people for gifts, it is also a loving way to show appreciation for what you receive.

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