After several months of planning the gratitude challenge and 21 days living it, I wonder – do I feel different? Well, the truth is no. I don’t feel different. I still get stressed about but the not ideal situations in life and I still let my mind run 100 miles an hour as I keep track of my ever growing to-do list.

However, despite those “negative” things that remain in my life, I feel like I’ve gained a little perspective. Now, when I start to become a negative Nancy, I don’t always let myself go all the way there. After all, I am pretty sure that most of the time I just complain to complain.¬† Things really aren’t that bad.

In fact, when I flip through my gratitude journal and see the pages filled with¬† all the little blessings in my life that I took note of and gave thanks for over the past month, I’m quite pleased and I realize that these little blessings aren’t so little after all. Every blessing is substantial and recognizing these blessings really does make life a little brighter.

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