As reluctant as some kids might be to head out on that first day of school, there’s always excitement in the air when the time finally rolls around. I love grabbing my camera and snapping some pictures of the moment.

Here are a few things you want to be sure to capture on film before your kids climb on the bus or let you say goodbye at the classroom door.

1) Sparkling new backpacks

These bags are never going to be as shiny and new, might as well capture them on film before they become battered and dirty.

2) New shoes!

Same as the backpacks, in less than three hours those shoes are going to have scuffs and dings.

3) Shiny hopeful smiles.

The year has so much to offer and all the expectation is plastered on your children’s faces all morning. Snap a shot of them with that wonder in their eyes. You can pull it out and show it to them when they come back a little bewildered at the end of the first day.

4) Back to school hugs.

If your kids are young enough for you to drop them off in the classroom, be sure to snap a few pictures of excited post-vacation reunions. We often forget how much we missed those school friends!

5) Small classroom moments.

When you bring your little ones into their first classrooms, capture the little things in the classroom that make it special. The cubbies, the little tables, even the art drying racks. Soon these things will become part of the landscape, but for one day they’re special and important.

Whether you print these photos, use them as cards for the teacher, or eventually combine them in a photo book, one day you’ll be glad you took the time on that chaotic morning to capture the details.

Back-to-school Photo

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