A Hannukah Tradition

My family is lucky enough to be in a position to celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah. For the grown-ups that means extra time enjoying quality family moments. For the kids that means a lot of presents. At least it would if their mommy hadn’t created a very special Hannukah tradition that spares them from 9+ days of gift receiving in the month of December.

In our house Christmas is about traditional gifts, Hannukah is all about books.

Each night of the festival we gather around the menorahs and light the candles. We sing a few songs in the candlelight, then the girls open up the one wrapped book. With the candles still burning bright we pile onto the couch, pull a cozy blanket over our laps and dive into the new book.

I pick books that we can read year-round so that we can keep a little of the Hannukah magic alive all year. It’s my way of making the holiday as special as possible.

Hannukah Star Frame Greeting Card by Tiny Prints

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