Business cards are handy for sharing work related contact information, but the small cards can also be used for a large array of other uses. We knew of people using them as dating cards, mommy cards, or even registry cards for their shower invitations. We were curious to see if our fans had other uses up their sleeves. They didn’t disappoint!

We asked our Facebook fans how they’ve re-purposed our business cards and we were blown away by the creativity they displayed.

Here are a few examples of how they’re using our business cards:

I have them printed then make a hole in the center with a hole punch and clip my handmade hairbows to them to sell in local shops with the price written on the back. – Naomi Bennett


Proof that I have 7 kids. Sometimes they do not believe easily so I have to show them my card w/ the fam pic on it. LOL – Kadi Cobb Prescott


I used them when I was a substitute teacher….left them for the classroom teacher so they could get a hold on me w any questions…or if they needed a sub again. – Jennifer Lynn


Each of my young kids has their own card with my cell number & my husband’s number & our address. I put them in my kids’ pockets whenever we travel, go to the zoo, the mall – in case we ever get separated. They also carry them when they have playdates in case the parents need to reach us. – Susan Bernstein Luetje


When I meet a family who has a child with Down syndrome, I give them a personal business card I had made so they can reach out for support when they are ready and I can connect them to our amazing Down syndrome community. I have a 2-year-old son (who has Down syndrome) and I blog about raising him (the blog address is on my card) – it’s my way of advocating for the Ds community and helping new parents who receive a diagnosis see just how “normal” our lives are and how amazing their lives will be! – Lisa L Massi Lindsey


A personalized business card is a pretty way to share local hotel information or “directions to” the location of a wedding. I just included a card (sanddollar theme) and contact info for the a hotel near our home in the invitation to an engagement party I’m throwing. – Emily Gahagan Runyon


Took your “Fine Arts” cards and put pictures of my 6 year old in the 4 squares, then a picture of he and I on the back. We give them to other Mommies for play dates, but David also carries one with him for days when he misses being home. LOVE them! – Stephanie Stone

Bold Bliss Folded Business Cards by Tiny Prints

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  1. June Alice M Brown says:

    I have used them as RSVP cards.

  2. Card Print says:

    Those are really great ideas for the dual use of a business card. They can double as discount cards as well for businesses, or for earning points and such.

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