April Fool’s Day

Are you getting worried? Tomorrow is April 1st. This means taxes are due soon and that’s no April’s Fool! I fortunately escaped most jokes and pranks as a kid with the worst of it being a false rumor that everyone knew was untrue. But has anything happened to you?

Doing a little research on the web, I found a website called Hoaxipedia that lists the, “Top 100 Hoaxes of all time.” The number one practical joke listed occurred in 1957 on a BBC news show. A three-minute segment consisted of a reputable news anchor talking about the success of a Spaghetti crop in Southern Switzerland while showing a video of a family picking spaghetti off of trees.

Would you believe it if you saw it? Well according to Hoaxipedia, the topic generated a lot of response. People were actually calling in to ask how they could grow their own tree.

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