If you haven’t heard about the Swine Flu by now, you must have either been visiting outer space or you have no access to any sort of media whatsoever (doubtful, since you’re reading this blog!). Although the regular flu kills far more people each year than what the Swine Flu has done so far, fears are high because there is no real vaccine yet in existence for this strain.  Additionally, those who have died are healthy young adults as opposed to children and the elderly.


Although, the flu has sickened only 141 people in the United States and 363 in the world to date, schools across the United States are closing to avoid the chance of infection in young children.  While some parents are thankful, others are scrambling to find child care or keep their kids entertained for a full 7 days away from school.  So, tell us, what do you think?  Is it worth it to close schools and have your kids home for a week straight?  Are you fearful that your children might catch Swine Flu at school?  Does it scare you more than the “regular” flu?  What are you doing to avoid the outbreak?

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