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Our baby shower party past has consisted of all women guests. But nowadays, like bridal showers, this traditionally American get together has seen a modern twist. Both men and women are invited and in some cases parties have consisted of just men.

The last few baby showers I have been to have been huge! With both singles and couples, everyone came together to celebrate with the mom and dad-to-be. There were some really creative games. Games I’m sure you’ve all played such as find the safety pin in a bowl of uncooked rice blindfolded! Or how about guess what type of baby toy or baby related product such as a bottle is inside a brown paper bag? Oh and the ultimate baby party game? Melted candy bars in diapers. Guests have to smell and taste at their own risk those chocolate concoctions that resemble you know what!

Whatever games are played, there is a lot of room for creativity and fun in planning a shower. Usually done by a close friend and for the first baby, these parties help prepare the parents for this big life change. Traditionally, hosts provide favors for the guests. These mint tins are adorable and a perfect fit for a mommy-to-be who’s preparing for a little girl. See all her tiny clothes hanging.


Check out The Cradle for great baby shower ideas. Their article on baby shower planning includes great ideas for those Spring showers.

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