Beat Summer Boredom

While every child looks forward to summer vacation, lots of idle time can often lead to many boring afternoons for some.  If you are seeking out some fun and affordable activities to do with your children, check out this list on frugaldads.com that is full of great ideas.  Only have a few minutes? Then check out my favorite suggestions that remind me of my summers as a child:


  • Sprinkler Day! Don’t have a pool, no problem! Get your kids in their bathing suits and let them run in the sprinklers.  Supplement the activity with fresh fruit breaks and a picnic outside.
  • Head to the Library. Once a week head to the library with your kids to pick out a weeks worth of reading. Also, try to coordinate your visit with story time.
  • Set up shop. Help your kids test out their entrepreneurship with a neighborhood lemonade (or any other refreshing food item) stand.
  • Make Your Own Play-Doh. This was my favorite activity as a kid. After all, who doesn’t love making a mess without upsetting mom?
  • Get Cooking. Whether its baking or making dinner, let your kids help you in the kitchen as you teach them how to make some of your favorite recipes.
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