Sandals, shade and sundresses aren’t necessarily enough to keep your kids cool as the summer heats up. Since children are particularly susceptible to heat stroke, dehydration and sun poisoning, it is important to keep them cool, comfortable and safely sunblocked.

But this doesn’t mean your kids need to be tucked away in air conditioning and long sleeves! Try these tips for beating the heat and giving your kids a safe and stylish summer:

  • Make homemade popsicles by pouring sports drinks and fruit punches into molds and inserting your own popsicle sticks before freezing.
  • Get kids their own stylish personal fans, like the ones below, to use when they feel overheated at camp or when playing with friends.
  • Revive old summer pastimes by making lemonade or sun tea with your kids.
  • Keep the elements at bay with the proper outdoor gear. In particular, look for a good hat that will cover their ears and neck, like these from REI.
  • Put oranges, apples, carrots and celery in the fridge before you cut them up to serve as snacks.
  • Save the environment while keeping the kids hydrated with fashionable aluminum water bottles like these from SIGG.

These simple tips and tricks will have your family on the fasttrack to a fun summer in the sun in no time!

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