Birthday Party Favor Ideas

While I’m still not personally sold on party favors, our Facebook fans had some cute ideas that might just sway me when our two kid birthdays roll around this summer. I’m not nearly as creative as most of these party moms though!

My son’s 3rd birthday party is tomorrow – we are having an alphabet themed party at our local Children’s Museum. I wrapped books and flashcards with brown “packaging” paper and then attached ribbon and a cutout from an alphabet banner on top. I didn’t want to do candy. – Ava Palmquist

FB Fan Party Favor


Last year for my Brookie party I did a huge candy bar…it was a huge hit..the kids and parents loved it. They got clear bags and filled as they desired! – Jennifer Amaro


I made a candy-free gift last year. A sand-pail filled with sunglasses, squirt gun, towel, and other pool-party appropriate toys! – Rose Anne Walsh


We had my sons last birthday party at a pizza parlor…. Instead of useless cheap toys that would just clutter everyone’s house, I gave all the kids $2 in quarters to spend on the video games….. Kids AND parents loved it!!!! – Kristin Rabe


I threw a breakfast birthday party for my four year old daughter and sent the kids home with personalized cereal bowls with a box of cereal. Not too expensive (around $3 per kid) and it was something they could use later on. The parents seemed to love it and so did the kids (they love anything with their name on it). – Wendy Slaven Clark


Just had my younger daughter’s first birthday party and did a favor “buffet” with a few of her favorite things – each child got a beach pail, and then got to pick a mini beach ball, bubble wand and animal shaker. The kids had a great time choosing their own goodies! – Melena Ann-Dere Sands

Have you seen other original birthday party favor ideas that delighted you?


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2 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    I just love all of these party favor ideas! Rather then give candy and cheap toys to the kids, for my son’s 6th birthday last year I filled the goodie bags with activity pads, crayons, and bubbles. The kids loved it and the parents were happy they weren’t going home with sugured-up kids!

  2. lollipops says:

    I love the pizza parlor idea, inviting the kids out and thinking ahead what they would love to do while there is great.

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