A few weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Jennifer Jafarzadeh, Lifestyle Editor at Rebook magazine.  As we were chatting, Jennifer mentioned to me that she regularly contributed to one of the blogs on Redbookmag.com: The Serving Dish.  Over the weekend, I finally had some time to check it out and must say that I expect to become a regular reader!  The Serving Dish offers lots of great posts that include yummy recipes, design ispirations and hot product finds.  Check out a couple of my favorites: Inspiration from New Shop Henry Road (this post has BEAUTIFUL photos) and Printing with Lotta Jansdotter (some fun crafting/diy ideas).

I also recommend another blog on Redbookmag.com called The Mom Moment that highlights the adventures of two moms and their daily experiences with their children.  A nice reminder that all the moms out there are not alone in their daily ups and downs!

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