A common trend for children’s birthday parties involves renting an inflatable bounce house for kids to jump in, throwing themselves around like maniacs for as long as parents will let the party keep hopping. This idea is a great way to entertain the little ones during birthday parties, but it also serves as an excellent way to integrate exercise into your child’s parties. By making fitness fun, you help to establish lifelong associations among exercise, energy and enthusiasm.

Try throwing a themed party for your children this year that includes fitness on both a fun and functional level by using some of these ideas:

  • Got a soccer fan running around the house? Host a soccer-themed party and include a friendly game as a part of the entertainment.
  • Give your kids and their friends a rockin’ dance party.
  • Make a splash by hosting a pool party at your local YMCA. You can even organize water games like Shark and Fishies to encourage the kids to swim a little harder.
  • Have a bowl-o-rama birthday at the bowling alley.
  • As a part of the entertainment, organize a bike ride or group rollerblading outing at the local park.

These type of events offer the perfect way to play while you celebrate your child’s big day!

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  1. jkruger says:

    Great advice! Kids always have so much energy and these ideas sound like so much fun! Plus, the invitations at tinyprints.com are perfect for these parties.

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