Many parents have heard of the importance of buying “BPA-free” products for themselves and their families, but hardly anyone can tell you what this little environmentally safe buzz word actually means. BPA actually stands for Bisphenol A, a “hormone-disrupting chemical considered to be potentially harmful to human health and the environment,” according to BisphenolAFree.org.

The problem with BPA is that it is found in a TON of plastic products, which means that every scratch or other signs of wear and tear can lead to amounts of BPA leaking into your baby’s milk, your toddler’s apple juice or your own water bottle.

Avoiding BPA is a good idea for the health of your family AND the environment, so check out Safe Mama‘s quick list of BPA-free baby bottles and sippy cups before your next shopping trip. Keep an eye out for other retailers who sell BPA-free items, like REI and Diapers Etc. As the popularity of BPA-free products grows, we are sure to see even safer and chicer items on the market like these!

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4 Responses

  1. Jackie White says:

    I never knew about this. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Manus says:

    We use glass bottles from Born Free.

  3. DJL Mom says:

    We use Dr. Brown’s glass bottles. They are a bit of a pain to clean with all the pieces, but I think it’s worth it since they are BPA-free. I’m waiting for them to come out with the BPA-free 8 ounce wide-neck bottle…they said no later than this December, finally! The most economical BPA-free bottles I’ve seen are Evenflo. You can get a set of 3 for about $3-$4 at Babies R Us.

  4. ser0717 says:

    Just something to remember… there is still quite a bit of controversy about BPA and how much harm (if any) it does. Of course, we all want to do what is absolutely the best for our children, and it may be that going BPA-free right now is it – I just keep looking at the data coming out (funded by ALL sources) and hope everyone else does the same 🙂

    Thanks for the info (as always) – you guys are great!

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