With the 2008 Summer Olympics beginning next week, now is the perfect time to teach your kids all about the cherished tradition, the history of the games and all the fun sports they may not already know about. You could even find Beijing on a world map together, look up kid-friendly articles about the Olympics in National Geographic Kids or create some homemade flags and streamers to wave while you watch the games at home.

To really get in the spirit of the games, throw a Summer Olympics Party! You can easily transform these patriotic summer party invitations to reflect your Olympic theme. Then, set up fun relay races for kids and parents alike, and hand out ribbons and homemade medals to all the participants. Head over to the park and try pairing classic games like three-legged races, marshmallow eating contests and limbo with traditional track and field contests like the long jump, a Frisbee shot put toss and a team relay race.

By highlighting the fun of Olympic sports, the history of the games and the amazing way that athletes from all over the world come together for one spectacular event, you might just inspire your little ones to run, jump or shot put for the stars!

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  1. Erika Barnes says:

    The Olympics are my favorite athletic event! I cannot wait to get involved in all of the magic and drama.

  2. I’m curious where all the Snow all over the north hemisphere must be as a result of decreased sunspot activity, when a major continuous level of lowered sunspot action would likely greatly influence the estimate of global warming.

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