Here at Tiny Prints, we love a good reason to celebrate. When one of our stylish staffers told us that the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival was coming up on October 3, we jumped at the chance to feature this vibrant holiday on Tiny Talk!

Traditionally honored by people of Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese descent, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival celebrates the time of year when the moon appears at its fullest and roundest. Families eat moon cake and pomelos, light colorful lanterns, plant mid-autumn trees and collect dandelions. Many people also light incense in honor of Chang’e, who was lifted to the moon and still lives there now according to Chinese mythology.

If you and your family are looking for some fun ways to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival this Saturday, keep some of these themes in mind:

Moon Cakes


Although moon cakes are traditionally filled with red bean paste or egg (which are delicious in their own right!), you can find a recipe for a fudge-filled moon cake here!


Lovely Lanterns Party Invitations

Little Lanterns Birthday Invitations

Party Lanterns Party Invitations


Dandelion Breeze Moving Announcements

Dandelion Bursts Baby Announcements

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