302301Maybe it’s the wild popularity of the Food Network, the celebrity of super chefs like Bobby Flay or just a heightened awareness of healthy eating, but kids across the country have suddenly become foodies–and it isn’t just Easy Bake Ovens they are cooking with!

Instead of sculpting flowers during Play-Doh time, my five-year-old friend Madeline has recently insisted upon creating neon pink pizzas for a mini “Quick Fire Challenge,” a term she seems to have picked up from Bravo’s “Top Chef.” And this type of excitement over culinary creations doesn’t stop during playtime–cooking classes have become the hot new trend in children’s birthday parties, where guests are taught to make their own tasty treats and are given aprons and recipe books as a part of the gift bag.

Just this morning, YumSugar posted a charming story about a youngster who shares a name with celebrity chef Rachel Ray. Like her famous counterpart, this ten-year-old food fan has been indulging her love of cooking for years!

If you plan to host or attend a children’s cooking party, consider giving a cute kid’s cookbook as a gift, like this one from Rachel Ray herself. And don’t forget Tiny Print’s adorable line of chef-inspired invitations–they are the perfect way to encourage your little Iron Chef to turn up the heat in the kitchen!


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  1. rbucich says:

    A five year old that cooks? That’s great, I’d love to only have three years of cooking for my toddler ahead of me.

    There are now companies now that host off-site cooking parties, I could see that being a big hit with both kids and the parents (less mess to clean up).

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