I love it when the mailbox starts to fill up with large, solid envelopes, each bearing the promise of joyful Christmas cards filled with glad tidings and fun pictures. I live far from most of my friends and in many cases have never met their families in person. When I open the envelopes and pull out the cards I’m met with beautiful pictures full of life that make me feel, just for a moment, that I’m there with them, enjoying the holiday season.

Each Christmas card is like a little present. A part of me wishes that I had the patience to wait until Christmas to open them all, but instead I savor the little sprinkling of surprises, opening them as they arrive. It’s my own version of an advent calendar, small gifts punctuating the days separating me from my own family reunion, as delightful as the chocolates that filled the actual advent calendars I savored as a child.

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