In the modern era of toxic chemicals in baby products and the threat of carcinogens everywhere, many parents are concerned about the potential dangers lurking in common, everyday items. Even superstar mom Kelly Preston has joined forces with the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition to start her own crusade against chemicals that are harmful to children’s health after her own child (with husband John Travolta) was put into the hospital with Kawasaki’s syndrome–an unfortunate illness brought on by fumes let off from the family’s new carpet. You can read all about it on Celebrity Parents, a great site that also links to other sites that list the safe products Kelly and John now use in their home.

All parents want to keep their kids safe, so why not follow in Kelly’s footsteps? If you are looking for a way to provide your family with a safer environment, check out sites like Amenity, which offers gorgeous, organic home furnishings for eco-educated parents. In addition to furniture, sites like Nimli also feature clothing, beauty supplies, accessories, jewelry and more.

You can also look for great resources like the San Francisco Bay’s Natural Resources, a pregnancy, childbirth and early resource center that offers classes, support and an eco-conscious store for expectant couples and new parents. If you have any great, eco-friendly tips for parents, please post them to help our readers keep their families healthy, happy and a little greener!

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