A few weeks ago, we featured adorable pop-up placemats from Hello Hannah, and now we’ve found the perfect personalized plates to match!

Alphabet Plates are an adorable way to turn snacktime into playtime. You can personalize them with food, sports equipment, monograms or my personal favorite—your child’s smiling face!

To show you just how cute they are, I made personalized plates for my fellow Tiny Talk blogger Lea and myself:



It literally took two minutes and I love how cute they are! I think they might make perfect gifts for all of my friends who have little ones to feed. What do you think?

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4 Responses

  1. adorable! great christmas gifts!!

  2. sylvie etta says:

    cute! i think these would be great gifts for anyone – just fun things to have around!

  3. every year when I was a preschool teacher, we made personalized melamine plates with the kid’s hand outlines or just scribbles and they were SO POPULAR. these cute plates remind me of that, I am sure people LOVE them.

  4. Name Tags says:

    These are some great plates and a great idea. I remember I had a plate the my uncle, who was a potter, made for me when I was a baby. This was a plate that had my name, birth date and a neat picture in it. I still have it to this day.

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