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Want a sweet, fun and unique way to hang up all of those baby announcements and holiday photo cards? While decluttering my home I discovered a way to display everyone’s beautiful pictures by hanging them up with miniature clothespins.

To do this, YOU’LL NEED: 2 thumbtacks, string, scissors, photos or photo cards, mini clothespins

  • Choose your photos and/or photo cards.
  • Depending on the number of cards and photos you have, estimate how much space you will need between the thumbtacks, and then use that to determine how much string to cut.
  • After you have placed the thumbtacks in the wall, tie the ends of the string on each side.
  • Lastly, hang up your photos and cards up with the miniature clothespins.
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  1. VeRonda says:

    Wow! Cute… my mom would love this. She is the only person I know who can think of 101 ways to do something with a clothespin. LOL!!

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