If you’ve taken the time to peruse the 2010 holiday card line, you’ll know that Tiny Prints has no shortage of amazing designs. There are so many breathtaking cards we often have trouble pinpointing which ones are our favorites.

Since we’re so opinionated about our choices, it’s safe to assume that you are too! To see which of our designs you love best, every day we’re pitting two cards against each other in our Design of the Day Challenge. Voting is easy, just click the “like” button under the card of your choice. The winning design will be 40% off the following day. (Winning design and coupon code is revealed on the Tiny Prints Facebook page.)

Tiny Prints Design of the Day Challenge Screenshot
Hurry over to vote and be sure to bookmark the page so you can come vote every day. Leave a comment here or on the Facebook page if you have a favorite design you would like to see featured in the challenge.

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