Doggie’s First Birthday

If you are a regular Tiny Talk or Diva Dialogue reader, then you might already know that I have a puppy. Well, this week, I am excited because our pup is turning 1 year old tomorrow!

I am especially excited about this birthday because I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now that he is older, I can see his bad puppy habits are starting to fade away.

Being as excited as I am, I have tossed around the idea of throwing a doggie birthday party. While I don’t have any children of my own, I thought it would be fun to spoil our pup in his own way. Some people think I am crazy, but I think it would be a neat idea.

If you like the idea of celebrating your pup’s special day, here are some fun ideas:

  • Bake a cake: Search online for some pet friendly cake recipes for your dog.  Some favorites that caught our eye include Peanut Butter Delight and Kibble Cake.
  • Buy a special toy & wrap it: Does your dog have a favorite toy?  If so, why not buy him a shiny new toy that isn’t already all chewed up.  And, for even more fun, you can wrap it and let your dog tear off the paper without getting in trouble!
  • Head to day care or the dog park: Is your dog socialized?  Then, let your dog play with his neighborhood friends by sending him to day care or taking him to the dog park.
  • Head somewhere new & take a long walk: Rather than taking the same old walk, go somewhere different and let your pup explore the new surroundings.
  • Have a party: Invite the neighborhood dogs over for a party.  Let them run around in the background and nibble on the birthday cake that you made. Some websites like Good Dog Express offer fun dog party supplies.

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3 Responses

  1. SpilltoJill says:

    I had a puppy party when my huey-lewis-dog turned one! it was so much fun! I have photos on flickr –

  2. Kevin says:

    Wow Jill, is huey-lewis a miniature blue merril aussie? Our puppy macchiato (kiah) is a miniature tri-color aussie. She’s 4 months right now (I can’t wait for her to grow out of her puppy habits). We’re actually throwing a “coffee inspired” party in her honor tonight, where kiah will also get a special treat!!!

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