Dress Up Party

I was watching my favorite reality TV family the other night and got a great idea for a birthday party. On “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” the family gathered together to do dress up night. The kids got a kick out of it, and so did I–which is what inspired this dress up party entry!

1) Decide on a theme. There is a whole lot of different things you can do when planning a dress up party. From firemen and police outfits to cowboy and cowgirl attire, your birthday girl or boy and their guests will have a good time dressing up as anything you choose.

2) Ask guests to bring their own outfits. There are a number of activities you can do with this. You can have a fashion show, or a best dressed contest. And, the kids will have fun trying on each others outfits.

3) Take plenty of pictures. Have your camera handy. If you have a instant camera such as Polaroid, take pictures of your little guests all dressed up that they can take home with them as favors.

4) Set out mirrors. Make sure you take out all your mirrors so kids can see how they look from head to toe.

5) Send invitations. Choose one of these invitations to match with the theme you chose for a fun dress up party!

Cowgirl Lasso

Fire Engine

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