I love to spend Saturday mornings at the local farmer’s market, picking up fresh fruits and veggies for the week, so I tend to turn Sunday into a cooking fest. But, once I’ve portioned out soups and sauces for the week, I generally find that all of my favorite tupperware is already tied up in the fridge.

I hate packing lunches using those little wimpy (and wasteful!) plastic sandwich baggies, so I was excited when I found these adorable cloth lunch kits from ReusableBags.com.

I love how they use bright colors and charming prints to make lunchtime more fun for the kids. Plus, the cloth sandwich wraps are really easy to use, and tend to be more sturdy than your typical sandwich bag. I also personally want one of the bento boxes—imagine how easy it would be to portion out your fruits, veggies, protein and dessert! Heaven!

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  1. Jenna says:

    I cook all day on Sundays, too! It makes the rest of the week sooo much easier. And I LOVE these reusable lunch bags. The bento box is my favorite!

  2. Great content. Looking for some nutrition materials when I stumbled across your site.

  3. Hauling says:

    Keep up the hard work keeping the environment clean, I am right here with ya man! To a greener 2010!!

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