When I was younger, my mother and I would bake holiday cookies for her friends and colleagues; and once I was on my own, I set out to recreate that tradition for the people in my life.

However, last year, I could not bring myself to endure we week of baking and cleaning.  So, instead, I gave everyone jars full of hot chocolate or cookie dough mix. I thought this worked out really well. It was easy and had minimal clean up!

That’s why a recent post on Bakerella caught my attention. These colorful oatmeal chocolate chip and M&M cookies are the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen! Perfect for just-because and holiday gifts or as edible party favors, they are something I will definitely be trying!

edible gifts


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3 Responses

  1. Anuja says:

    Wow…they look yumm…I will try them too 🙂

  2. jasper says:

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