Elegant Thanksgiving Ideas

November is fast-approaching, which means it’s time to get started with your Thanksgiving planning! I absolutely adore Thanksgiving, and not just because of all the delicious food—look at all of the elegant ways you can transform your Thanksgiving celebration into something that’s exceptionally chic!

The Perfect Invite

Sure, you could call your friends and family members to invite them to your Thanksgiving dinner, but wouldn’t one of these stylish Thanksgiving party invitations make everything seem just a little more elegant? I love some of these more modern designs in classic fall colors.

Rustic Celebration Thanksgiving Invitation

Autumn Vines Thanksgiving Invitation

Good Eats Thanksgiving Invitation

Expressing Your Gratitude with Grace

Once you’ve gathered your guests in style, why not pay homage to the beautiful sentiments underlying Thanksgiving with a few of these craft ideas?

Gratitude Tree

Build a tabletop Gratitude Tree and encourage guests to tie a little message of thanks on each branch.

Family Gratitude Spinner

Use scrapbooking materials and a photo carousel to make a stylish list of everything for which you feel grateful. This would work fabulously with the A-Z Gratitude Alphabet featured in The Gratitude Challenge! (Thanks to Ali Edwards for the inspiration!)

Turkey Awards

Create your own Turkey Awards! Take nominations and have all of your guests vote, then hand out fun or silly awards to everyone in attendance.

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  1. Andrea Bunker says:

    The photo carrousel featured here – where can it be purchased?

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