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He’s small, he’s red, and you can find him on most big box store shelves. And yet, he’s magic as every kid knows well. His magic is activated the instant you bring him home and give him a name.

And what does this magic do?

Well, in short, from the kid’s perspective, the Elf in the Shelf tattles. He watches over everyone from his perch in the house and at night he runs off to the North Pole to tell Santa who’s been good and who’s been bad. And then he sneaks back into the house and waits for the kids to wake up so he can start watching all over again. On the way he sometimes does something naughty or silly – like gather up all the candy canes he can find – just to make sure everyone notices and remembers him.

From the parent’s perspective his magic is no less potent. He makes the magic of Christmas a little more tangible, a little more, and a little more special.

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  1. Andrew Sheppard says:

    Hi Andrew!

    I got your letter. I was so happy to read your note. Tell your brother to listen and be good. Also, remember to listen to your parents. I am always watching!

    The Elfman is one of my best friends!

    Happy Holidays!


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