Hello loyal Tiny Talk readers!  I’m so happy to be joining Katie and Lea as a blogger on this wonderful site and can’t wait to share new trends, ideas, recipes and more with you!

I’m going to start with something very close to my heart–health and exercise.  Although I am not yet a mom myself, many of my friends are–and they are women that I was close to in their pre-mom life as well.  Fitness was something that was important to us as a group, and it still is.  I so admire my mom-friends who’ve found a way to implement exercise into the absolutely insane life of parenting.


My very favorite option has to be Baby Boot Camp, a stroller-based fitness class designed specifically to help moms get fit, all while spending time with your baby and fellow moms.  The most amazing part: The stroller, resistance bands, and even your baby are used as integral parts of the workout!  There are classes available in almost every state in the US, and the prices are definitely doable, especially compared to an expensive gym or personal trainer.  As someone who loves social exercise, I know I’ll be doing this when I have a baby.

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