Fridays are for fun times dreaming about the weekend! So let’s get you started with these unusual finds on the Internet.

1. These colorful and unusually shaped products are called, “Whizz Kid Weeblock” and are from Bel Bambini. Can you figure out what they’re for? Yes, if you have a baby boy these washable cups keep you from getting wet during diaper changing.

2. This looks like your ordinary coffee paper cup so you’ll do a double take when you find out it’s “Not a Paper Cup.” From Paper Source, it is a porcelain cup that’ll let you grab your nonfat decaf coffee without wasting cup after cup.

3. This will keep you entertained throughout the day. Another funny find from Paper Source, it’s a magnetic tape dispenser that keeps your business cards, pencils and paper clips all together.

4. Imagine brushing with flavors like Bitter Chocolate, Lemon Tea or Cola? How about using a Sweet Potato or Blueberry mouthwash? Made in Japan, these breath palettes are an unusual combination of sweet flavors with toothpaste and mouthwash.

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