Family Crest

Does your family have a family crest? If you don’t already have one, why not make this a creative activity for the whole family? It will help kids understand where they came from and give them a sense of pride about your family’s history.

Decide together what shape you would like your crest to be. Then, add significant symbols inside. For example, a flag of the country your family originated from and then the flag that your family currently resides in. Other parts of the crest could include your initials or monograms. Or how about drawing a picture of your family? While there are formal ways of creating your family’s crest, I think it’s more important to have fun with it and get everyone involved.

After you’ve finished with it and everyone’s satisfied with the results, there are places that can professionally create this for you.

Another great idea? Use them in your next birthday card. Just choose a photo card and use your beautiful crest to decorate it.

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