As summer vacations are heading towards an end, you may be thinking of squeezing in a last minute road trip with your family.  To help you and your family pass the time, below are a few tips to speed you along the way:

  1. Check out Real Simple’s recommendations of Road Trip Games for Kids for some fun, interactive activities that everyone can enjoy
  2. If your car has an entertainment system, bring along fun and educational DVDs for the kids to watch.
  3. Listen to a book on tape!  My husband and I recently passed time during a 4 hour road trip listening to one of our favorite childhood stories: Ender’s Game
  4. Bring along etch-a-sketches or pads and pencils for your kids to draw on or play games with, like tic-tac-toe.
  5. Bring plenty of healthy snacks, but to avoid extra potty breaks avoid fruits with very high water content (i.e. watermelon).

We hope these tips help your trip off to the right start!

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