Father’s Day Fun

With Father’s Day coming up, I thought I’d provide a little information about this special holiday devoted to all the dads out there. Father’s Day started in the earlier 20th Century actually following the birth of Mother’s Day in order to honor our fathers and forefathers. This special holiday is celebrated around the world on different days. In Thailand, Father’s Day is observed on December 5th and in Italy and Spain on March 19th. In the US, it is recognized on every 3rd Sunday in June which makes Father’s Day occurring on June 15th this year.

Are you ready for this upcoming holiday? Do you know what you’re getting your dad this year? While my presents for my father has ranged from a teddy bear which I gave him as a kid to a horseback riding trip as an adult, I try to have fun finding something different for him every year.

Although I feel that sending a card is the simplest and sometimes the most thoughtful gift, I did surf the web to find the most unique and unusual items out there. I was not disappointed by what I found. Here are the top 3 most interesting gifts that I found this year for Father’s Day!

1) Drivemocion-A round sign stuck to your rear window displays five messages such as a smiley face, a frown and thank you. This is to let drivers behind know how dad’s feeling about them. http://www.au-my.com/product.aspx?lang=English&product_id=1

2) Thumb Wrestling Ring-A toy wrestling ring to place over your fighting thumbs. http://www.wonderfullywacky.com/thumbwrestlingring.htm

3) For the golfer-Personalize cartoons lets dad be the main character and star in an adorable and funny cartoon. http://www.findgift.com/Holidays/Fathers-Day/Humorous/

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