Yesterday was the first day of school for many students across the country, which meant that there were dozens of teary-eyed parents dropping their little ones off for the first day of kindergarten, snapping photos and blowing kisses as their children officially entered their school-age years.

When I was a kid, my mom would line my sister and I up by the front door every year to take our annual “first day of school” pictures. I’m sure the tradition started on that infamous first day of kindergarten, but it continued well into high school. I have a hilarious photo of myself looking haughty and annoyed as only a senior in high school can, standing at the front door, tennis bag slung over my arm, books and summer homework spilling everywhere.

That snapshot has become a family favorite, but the really sweet photos all came from my elementary school days. As I chatted with a friend on the phone last night about her daughter’s first day of kindergarten, I kept telling her that she should do something fun with the photos she took. Everyone always celebrates their kids’ graduation from kindergarten, but why not announce their first day in style as well?

These adorable, school-themed photo cards are the perfect way to inform your family and friends that your child has started kindergarten. All you have to do is modify the text using Tiny Prints’ easy-to-use personalization engine to let everyone know your little one has taken his or her first steps towards that PhD!

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  1. Erika Barnes says:

    This is an adorable tradition that I think I will adopt!

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