With answers, bargains and even celebrity dish, BabyCenter offers the ABCs of being a mom or dad. But the site’s advice goes far beyond the basics–these writers offer tips for everything from getting pregnant to dealing with a nine year old child. They even offer a “For You” section that has advice on maintaining balance in your grown-up relationships, finding healthy recipes and tips for traveling with kids.

I heard about baby center through a friend whose spunky and adorable little girl has recently learned the word “No!” and isn’t afraid to use it. This stylish mom loves their email newsletters, which use information about her daughter that she stored on the site to send email alerts that are specific to her stage of development. Like the Tiny Prints email newsletter, the site offers tips and bargains, along with advice on hot topics like how to handle biting, a timeline of when she should start using utensils and an ongoing list of the number of words she should understand. One recent email announced, “You have one year, two weeks, four days and seven hours left of the terrible twos!”

I also love their ultra-friendly celebrity parent column, FameBaby. It’s all the fun of celebrity gossip presented in a family friendly way. Last week they highlighted Maggie Gyllenhaal as the “Haute Mommy” of the week for her stellar style and devotion to her one year-old daughter, Ramona.

This site is a great resource for parents, whether you are looking for a little celebrity dish, trying out some healthy family recipes or just wondering when your little tot can handle a fork and spoon on their own!

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  1. Corinne says:

    I love Maggie Gyllenhaal! I didn’t know she was a mother, but that makes me like her even more!

  2. Erika Barnes says:

    The healthy recipes I have found through these links are amazing and are perfect for someone who wants to stay healthy, but is always on the go!

  3. thanks for the linky love to Babycenter.com! I’m the author of the Haute Mommy column you mention above, and am a big Tinyprints fan! I even wrote a blog entry about you a few months ago!


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