These colorful and stylish wrist bands (psi bands) help new moms alleviate symptoms of morning sickness that sometimes comes with being pregnant. The best part? They are as fun to wear as they are practical.

A common complaint from pregnant moms is stretchmarks and itchy bellies that keep them up at night. Bella Mama sells belly butter with relaxing scents made with pure essential oils like lavender to help soothe and comfort.

Keep those far away in the loop of all the details of your pregnant with Tiny Prints Pregnancy Story Cards.

Prenatal pillows help growing moms give them their much needed good night’s sleep. Here’s one from Boppy that will provide support for her belly.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Oh those psi bands are cool. I’ve seen people use similar bands on ships for motion sickness and they say that they really work. But those are such neat designs for them!!!

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