When I was growing up, my parents made sure to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my sister and me before heading out for their own couple’s celebration. As a result, I’ve always associated the holiday with love for all of the people in my life—including my family, friends and significant other.

I think it’s a great idea to teach your kids that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be dull or depressing if you don’t have one special somebody to spend it with. Share the love this year by using some of these ideas to include your children in at least a part of your celebration and create lasting memories of love, happiness and harmony for Valentine’s Day!

Envelope Love Valentine’s Day Photo Card

Precious Postage Valentine’s Day Card

  • Give sweet Valentine’s Day gifts (like these charming love birds and animal suitcases from Gifts Define) to your little ones:

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  1. Jenna says:

    Those are absolutely adorable!! My friend is going to do one of the crafts in her classroom!

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