I know a little two year old who absolutely loves to eat. She’s happiest when she has both hands stuffed with food, and the adorable thing is that she loves fruit and vegetables more than anything else–she would rather eat avocados than pudding, and spinach souffle always wins over macaroni and cheese.

On a recent trip to a local amusement park, I asked this little muncher’s mom how she packs healthy food for such a big appetite when she’s out and about. Here’s her advice for keeping your kids healthy and happy when you are on the go:

-Certain fruits travel better than others. Grapes are great because there’s no peel, core or pit to deal with–just the stems, which aren’t messy at all!

-Bring individually portioned snack packs, like prepackaged Goldfish, raisins, cheese snacks or Teddy Grahams. These let you keep track of how much your kids are eating, and they are super easy to toss into your bag before you head out the door.

-If your kids are little, The Snack Trap is a must-have for traveling. The cups are designed so that your kids can shake them, toss them around and turn them upside down without anything falling out. But the ingenuous little lids still allow them to stick their hands inside to get the food out without any help.

-Always include variety in your kids’ food choices. You wouldn’t want to eat the same thing over and over again, so don’t force your kids to! Mix it up once in a while to make sure they are healthy and happy no matter where you are.

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