Today is National Chocolate Day, and here at Tiny Prints we can’t think of a better reason to celebrate! We’ve added Oreos to our oatmeal and swapped our lattes for mochas in honor of National Chocolate Day, and a few of us have been on sites like SheKnows.com looking for delectable dessert recipes all morning! If you are looking for more ways to celebrate National Chocolate Day in a sweet way, check out some of these great recipes from a few classic chocolate confectioners:

  • We’re melting over Godiva‘s chocolate fondue recipe!
  • See’s Candies‘ Halloween-themed chocolates offer a delectable way to blend two sweet holidays.
  • Who wouldn’t get all gooey over Ghirardelli‘s chocolate soft center cakes on National Chocolate Day?
  • Give your hot chocolate a fun twist with this scrumptious raspberry cocoa recipe from Hershey‘s.

Don’t forget that dark chocolate and other chocolates high in cocoa are good for you in moderation. We’ll raise a glass of hot chocolate to that!

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