Any given person has an assortment of people on their holiday card list that ranges from close family members to more distant acquaintances. Some even send cards to business contacts.

Knowing this, we were curious about the cards people send to these business contacts. Does everyone on the list get the same card? Do business contacts get a less family oriented and personal card? Do business contacts not even get a card?

We put the question out to our Facebook fans to see what they thought. The responses were interestingly varied. The majority of the fans who send cards to business contacts send a different, less personal card. The fans who send the same card to everyone seemed to mostly work in a hospitality or service industry.

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Etiquette Expert Answer

Our fans were onto something in their answers. While there is no definitive right or wrong way to handle this situation, here are some guidelines that might help you decide.

Before sending out the same card to everyone you should look at three things.

1) Your card design

Before sending out a card to everyone on your list, consider that maybe some of your business contacts might be put off by receiving a religious or very casual card. Your friends know you and love you for who you are. Your business contacts know you and appreciate you for your work.

2) Who you are sending the card to

The more distant the business contact the less you might want them to know your children’s names and your family’s accomplishments for the year. Do you want to open a door to your life to a virtual stranger?

3) What kind of business the card is coming from

Our CEO sends holiday cards to business contacts, but Tiny Prints is a family company and we feel like everyone we work with is part of that family. In his case a family card is completely appropriate. A financial analyst might not feel the same way about mixing family and business.

In the end the answer is yours to decide. How comfortable are you when it comes to inviting everyone in?

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