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A very good friend of mine is eagerly anticipating the start of construction on her master bathroom. She and her husband spent the entire summer shopping for tile, fretting over faucets and searching for the perfect accessories to fill their new space. She’s talked about her redesign plan to everyone from friends and family to coworkers and neighbors, so I recently asked her if she planned to show off the new room even though it is privately tucked away inside her master suite.

An avid fan of HGTV, she already has plans for a redesign reveal party as soon as the construction is complete! By turning her big reveal into a party, she gets to show off her new, custom built bathroom and celebrate an end to the construction chaos that comes along with it.

Her advice for throwing a spectacular redesign reveal party is to make it a casual afternoon affair. Invite anyone who wants to gain inspiration from your remodeling efforts, and then take them on a tour of the new space before moving on to drinks, appetizers and a little redecorating dish. For party invitations, just customize these charming moving announcements (I particularly love the blueprint-inspired one for redesign parties!), and get ready to celebrate your style with a chic soiree!

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2 Responses

  1. Al says:

    Love the idea. Any excuse for a get together is always fun. Maybe the builder can chip in and get his business card included.

  2. Louise says:

    Believe me when I say that every single neighbor within three blocks will want to come to a gathering like this, not only to satisfy his or her curiosity about the new construction, but to connect and catch up on local happenings!

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