Back in February, we wrote a post about Hollywood-inspired baby names that discussed how the names Jacob, Bella, Edward and Cullen were shooting up the list of top baby names due to the popularity of the Twilight series. Now, it’s official! Isabelle and Jacob are the top baby names for girls and boys, respectively, according to this article from the Associated Press on Yahoo!

We can only imagine which birth announcements would have suited little Bella and Jacob. Probably something artistic and earthy (but still romantic!) for Bella, like this Flying Kites birth announcement:

And for the ever-shirtless Jacob, what else but a design that would show off his physique? Our Balloon Ride birth announcement would be perfect!

All joking aside, what do you think of the rising popularity of Hollywood-inspired baby names? If you’ve welcomed a little one in 2010, what have you named the newest member of your family? We’d love to hear it!

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  1. Suzanne says:

    We just had a baby girl and named her Annie, which I thought was a very cute, down to earth name!

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