Father’s Day is just about here and I’ve spent weeks trying to figure out how to make this one memorable. After all, I did just move 2,000+ miles further away from my dad, making the probability of us spending the holiday together very slim. Hopefully my hilarious card and care package will cut the distance a bit. Nevertheless, searching for the perfect gift is always my favorite part of any celebration, so I thought I’d bring some of my Father’s Day findings your way.

If you’re still searching for last minute gift ideas, we hope this post will give you some inspiration!

Father’s Day Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love dessert made in their honor? Whip up these Candy-Bow-Tie Cupcakes for a delicious treat he’ll savor.

Wii Fit

Modestly priced, widely available and oh-so-fun.

Barbecue Gift Basket

Head to your local grocery store and create your own! Include his favorite flavors, maybe a couple of new grilling tools, an apron or cookbook—whatever fits your fancy!

Gift Cards

Might not be as personal as some other ideas, but he certainly won’t be disappointed!

Wired Magazine Subscription

An interesting and thought-provoking gift any tech-savvy dad will love, month after month!

Breakfast in Bed

When all else fails, remember the best gifts are the ones you make! Get the kiddos up early to help create a satisfying feast.

We hope all you dads out there are enjoying your Father’s Day weekend!

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  1. ser says:

    oh, wired mag is definitely a great idea!! love your blog!

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