Now that the kids are back to school, back to books and back to that pesky old homework, it’s time to limit the number of hours they spend on Webkinz and get some good use out of that family computer! Check out these links for fun ways to get your kids the homework help they need. And, don’t forget–your child should always be closely monitored when working online!

  • Laugh, play and learn to type along the way! Check out the BBC’s Dance Mat Typing for step by step touch typing instructions complete with silly cartoons (like this goat!), fun music and entertaining lessons.
  • Time for Kids’ Homework Helper offers step-by-step instructions for writing an A+ book report
  • Are your favorite students struggling with math? Help them find the tutoring they need at Math.com, but be sure you stick around to explain anything they might not understand–math can be tricky!

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  1. For great preschool alphabet worksheets and beginning spanish-english vocabulary games check out http://www.ziggityzoom.com … a great preschool website.

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