When you are a new parent, everyone’s advice is always, “When they sleep, you sleep.” But, as baby gets older, many parents go from snoozing during this precious break in the day to frantically doing housework, grouchily handling business affairs or wasting time dazed in front of the TV.

Today, when you put the baby down for a nap, don’t reach for the bleach just yet–instead, read through some of these great articles about the best ways to relax and still be productive during your break! They just might help you get back to blissful naptimes for you and your little one:

Suite101 gives you tips on making the most of your baby’s naps, including turning Mom’s rest into the top priority!

-With 45 free minutes, you can do this entire at-home yoga routine from Women’s Health! If you don’t have that much time, try searching the site for a shorter workout that will leave you feeling energized and exercised at the end of naptime.

-Get some quick tips for reigniting your passions as a happier, healthier role model on Parenting.com.

Ultimate Parent focuses on nurturing your support system as a key element in being a positive and productive parent (finally, a great excuse to catch up on all the gossip with your girls!).

-Even if you only have five minutes to yourself, you can still come out of your break rejuvenated and relaxed! Work It Mom tells you how.

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