I absolutely adore Thanksgiving! Although I do appreciate the gorgeous fall colors and lack of stressful gift giving that many people claim as the reasons they cherish this autumn holiday, my real motivation for loving Thanksgiving is simple—all that food! I start planning my menu weeks in advance, so I thought I would share the wealth and list all of my favorite foodie websites to help you get your Thanksgiving feast on the table in style.

  • What better place to start devouring Thanksgiving recipes, tips and tricks than at the Food Network website? Check out their special Thanksgiving section for delicious dishes to fill your day with fun, food, family and friends.
  • Once you find some intriguing recipes, don’t succumb to kitchen phobia! Read up on the USDA‘s advice for preparing a turkey in a safe and savory way.
  • Looking for a fun way to get the kids into the kitchen with you? Family Fun offers a wealth of family-friendly recipes, and even some charming food crafts to get your little ones into the spirit of the season.
  • A Thanksgiving feast doesn’t have to throw your healthy eating plan out of whack—browse through Eating Well‘s collection of healthy Thanksgiving recipes to find great ways to make sure your family gets some nutrition out of all that noshing.
  • If you have a few vegetarians attending your Thanksgiving dinner this year, don’t panic! There are a wealth of different dishes that make a great vegetarian Thanksgiving and have nothing to do with tofurkey! Read all about it on the Gaiam website.

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