Bringing home your newborn baby for the first time is an exciting and challenging time for all parents, whether it’s your first or fifth child! Luckily, the Internet is bursting with tips to help the parents of newborns to cope with their new responsibilities and challenges. Here are a few of our favorite sites and articles to help you make the most of this magical time in your family!

  • You could literally spend hours watching all of the informative videos on NewBaby.com. If you have questions about your baby’s toys, food, health or just about anything else, this is a great place to start finding the answers you need.
  • Curious about the benefits of breastfeeding? Read this amazingly informative article from Keep Kids Healthy, and you will be thoroughly convinced that breastfeeding is the best choice for you AND your baby.
  • You’ve read the books, attended the classes and diligently listened to lectures from your mother-in-law, but are you still feeling uncertain about how to care for your newborn? Reassure yourself that you are doing everything right with this handy Guide for First-Time Parents from KidsHealth.org.
  • Find ways to incorporate a big brother or sister into your new baby’s life with some great tips, tricks and advice from BabyCenter.
  • Don’t give in to the guilt! MayoClinic.com has great advice for maintaining your role as a super parent once you return to work from your maternity or paternity leave.

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